Foundations of Innovation

Foundations of Innovation: Providing you with the innovation tools to succeed in the modern business world.

In today’s dynamic and often turbulent business environment, staying relevant requires constant growth and creativity. You may need to reinvent internal processes, take a new approach to differentiating your offerings, or even totally transform your brand. The ability to adapt and be flexible in strategic approaches is crucial, as organizations are propelled forward by innovation.

Join us for a multi-day Foundations of Innovation program designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of Notre Dame's acclaimed Unifying Innovation Methodology™, a comprehensive approach that integrates the world's most effective innovation tools into a single framework for decision-making.

Over the course of the week you’ll participate in sessions focused on Inquiry, Imagination, and Iteration.

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You’ll work with a team of experienced innovation teachers and practitioners through each step of the innovation process.

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Summary Schedule

Who Should Attend

Innovation leads, project teams, and mid-level leaders of any business function

Upcoming Dates

September 25-29, 2023


  • Five days, in person, on the Notre Dame campus in South Bend.


  • $8,500 per person
  • $6,500 per person if three or more people are registered from the same organization


To register, please fill out the following Google Form and we will email you a confirmation and send you payment instructions.  


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Steve Paladino

"I went into the program with all the expectations you’d normally have of a mandatory training session. But I came out with this overwhelming volume of new learning that I needed to weave into what I was doing because it was so relevant and important."

Steve Paladino, Global Director of Innovation & Continuous Improvement, Baltimore Aircoil


"This week was one of the best learning experiences I have participated in."
---- 2023 Past Participant

"The lineup of Notre Dame heavy hitters totally made the week! It was like being at a week of TED talks and being able to ask the presenter questions throughout."
----2023 Past Participant

"This program was highly informative and everyone at the company can benefit from this program, whether it's condensed or online, a lot of valuable information was shared. I felt like I was working at a whole new company this week, and I feel like that is not only a good step forward, but imperative to foster new ideas and innovation amongst the workforce. Putting people in a state of something new usually generates new experiences and thinking."
----2023 Past Participant

"I hope everyone at my company gets a chance to participate in a program like this and begins to incorporate innovation into their daily lives in addition to their work. Our teams need to understand how innovation could help us in achieving the better and great future." 
----2023 Past Participant

"Overall, great learning opportunity and the immersive learning sessions were fun. Told leadership that I was having fun and really enjoyed my peers in this group. It was nice to see the relationships unfold and flourish by day 5." 
----2023 Past Participant

"Much thanks for a fun/very educational introduction into the development of an innovating mindset. The tools we’ve been educated on will not only grow my own professional acumen on the subject but I’m confident it will grow/encourage a culture of innovation in the organization.”
----2023 Past Participant

"Seeing the holistic review of all things related to thinking and team working really helped get me out of my normal way of thinking and challenged me to see a problem from an angle I may normally not see.”
----2023 Past Participant